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Our blog is a great source of information for the entire media production community in Austin, TX.  We believe in sharing our knowledge and experiences as we promote the arts in Austin through the medium of video.  Check out our blog and contribute your knowledge which will help Austin become the destination city for modern video production.  We are the Live Music Capital of the World and video is our medium to promote this claim!!

Infynit Media Group Austin, TX


The Infynit Hour Live

Every Tuesday from 10-11 p.m. CST

Time Warner/Grande Cable Channel 10

Watch live video from infynithour's channel on 

Watch Austin's only live television show that promotes filmmakers, photographers, and musicians every Tuesday at 10 p.m.  Our goal is to give Austin artists an outlet to showcase their art.  The reason we started the show was to promote the arts in Austin and show the world why it's called the Live Music Capital of the World. 

The show has become so successful that we now have touring musicians from other states that appear on the show.  Austin artists and musicians are still given top priority but it's hard for us to say no to out of town artists.  We want to help all artists as much as we can.  Austin's live music scene generates more than a billion dollars every year and the musicians and artists should be supported wholeheartedly.  The Infynit Media Group has been producing the show since 2006 and we have broadcasted more than 150 shows since it's inception.  We also stream live on the internet thanks to Dave Rutledge.  This enables the entire world to see Austin artists performing on a weekly basis. 

The format of the show is as follows:

a.  The first 10 minutes of the show is dedicated to filmmakers.  We interview the filmmaker and allow them to show a short film or a portion of a full length feature.

b.  The next 10-15 minutes of the show is dedicated to photographers.  We usually interview the photographers but the majority will simply submit their photographs and we use the pictures to create a slide show.  We broadcast the slide live which includes background instrumental music and allows the viewer to observe their work. 

c.  The last 30-35 minutes of the show is dedicated to musicians.  We have a 3 camera setup -- jib, handheld, and a mobile tripod -- with a director cutting in the control booth.  Everyone has a minimum of 5 years camera experience.  Each band can usually perform about 6-7 songs and have their entire performance broadcast and recorded for future use.  Check out some past performances from the Infynit Hour below.

Partial Listing of Austin Bands That Performed on the Infynit Hour


Ricky Rische, Jr.

Phoenix Saga

Gravel Whip

Done Deal -- Lucky

Cock Van Dyke

Mike Raven

Rusty Radio

Nathan Hubble

Matt Wilson

Rook the Band

Cellus and the Loose Grip

Jeff Metil Band

Dysfunkshun Junkshun

Brother Magnum and the Razor Bumps

Cave Dwellers

Rogue River String Band

The Finest Kind

Hope Irish

Slow Train

Some Say Leland


The Followthrough

The Steed

Tameca Jones Quartet

David Jimez Trio

Six Sons of a Gun

Leah Zeager

Leah and the Moonlighters

Oak is Keeping

The Frontier Brothers

Glitter Rose


Alyse Black

Uncle Lucious

Cody Joe Tillman

Chief Burning Hands

Collin Freestone


Jets Under Fire

Gary Harris Quintet

Chris Van Loan

Meggan Carney

Erin Ivey


Ritmo 3

Saul Paul

SIP Records

Bavu Blakes

Poise and Ike

Beto and the Fairlanes

Book of Sounds

Disciples of Sound

Brennan Leigh and Noel McKay

Erik Telford Collective

In the Pink


Carson Alexander

Chris Hawkes

Manteca Beat Cabaret

Derrick Davis

Liz Morphis

Jonathan Terrel

Jake Andrews


Adam Raven

Greg Williams

Beta Player

Shuttle Debris

Beth Miner

Barry Sunburn and the Hot Weather Heat

Sound of Substance

Acoustic Jungle

Lies a Bloom

Jordan Moser

Ginger Leigh

Infynit Trio

Bruce James Soultet

Anna Mae Mitchell and Uninvited Guests

Sound of AM

Tish Hinojosa

James Speer

Bruce Aiden

Shiver Fox -- SXSW 2010 Infynit Showcase

Gabriel Santiago Quintet

Micah Seth

Ulrich Ellison Trio

Jessie Torrisi & Please, Please Me

Obsolete Machines

Lincoln Durham

Quiet Company


Pat Harris

Matt Raines

Brent Adair

Fulton Read

Dave Scher



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Infynit Hour Forms and Talent Release

If you are scheduled to appear on the Infynit Hour, please fill out the Talent Release and Information form.  This will allow us to broadcast your image over the air and online.  The talent release has a box for special equipment requests as well.  These forms also gives the staff on the show an idea about who will be performing so that we are better prepared.  This form must be filled out before appearing on the show.


The Infynit Hour Live

4th Year of Production --  Become a Sponsor!!

The Infynit Hour is celebrating it's 4th year of live TV and web streaming production.  Help us to support filmmakers, photographers, and musicians by becoming a sponsor of the show.  We want to show the world through the medium of video what the Austin arts are all about on a weekly basis.  We welcome any business or group that wants to be a sponsor by providing equipment, refreshments, and merchandise so that we can keep this program going for years to come.  Fill out our contact form or you can call us at 512.656.6699 for more information.



Stay Informed

Fill out our contact form and stay in touch with the Infynit Media group.  We will send you announcements about various artistic performances in the Austin area.

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